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Hello BrainiAppers,

After a bit of a hiatus, BrainiApps is back to lesson planning! I look forward to once again creating engaging lesson plans and sharing them with teachers and their students. The idea is that BrainiApps does it’s best to create engaging lessons plans that incorporate easy to use apps and websites into your lesson planning. The best part is we create the entire lesson for you! All you need to do is align your state standards to the lesson and you’re all set.

Check out this month’s free lesson on fractions and let us know what you think. If you use the lesson and would like to share the outcomes or student examples, there might just be some fun BrainiApps perks coming your way… (HINT HINT!!!)

If you have questions send them to:

Lesson Plan Link:

Graphic Organizer Link:

Thank you,

The BrainiApps Team


More Great Apps for the Classroom

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Here is an extension to my previous post on useful educational apps for the iPad

Students and teachers always want to know what BrainiApps is using and where they can get the cool apps we research and base our iPad lessons from. Well here is a continued list 🙂

1. LEGO Movie – Create still frame animations and have your students retell a story by using small figurines/stuff animals.

2. Shake-a-Phrase – This is a great way to practice writing prompts and also get more familiar with verbs, adjectives, and nouns. (This app would be great at a center!)

3. RjDj – I use this app to record and share the students poetry or create classroom “piggy-back” songs

4. Comix HD – This is a wonderful app that allows the students to create comic strips. It’s great for all levels with the features it includes.

5. Bobo & Light – An amazing interactive app that explores how light works and offers a unique user interaction. This app uses the iPad features to the max and is REALLY engaging!

6. Weird But True – The students love reading through all these wild facts and I have used it to create classroom quiz games.

7. Xperica – A wonderful Science app that includes a variety of experiments. (This is designed for more advanced students)

Keep checking back for more suggestions and lesson plan ideas!!! Be on the look-out for BrainiApps iPad Lesson Plan Packages on the website as well.

Great Animated Stories with Toontastic!

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This project was designed to get the creative juices flowing and get children excited about the writing process. The children used dry-erase boards to storyboard their ideas out first. Then they brainstormed an introduction, conflict, climax, and solution to their stories. Character development was also naturally occurring in the creative process. I am very grateful to work with such creative children.

Check these out:

Login to ToonTube (Top Right)
Password: brainiapps

Fun Apps to Download For Kids

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Many times during sessions of BrainiApps the children ask for the app names so they can go home and download them on their iPads. Well kids, here is a starter list to get you going (especially for my Del Prado Elementary Kids 🙂

Doodle Image – Doodling over your photos is super fun!
Futaba – Matching photos with word flashcards
GeoWalk – Interactive Globe
Toontastic – THE BEST for narrating and creating your own creative cartoons!

Inspired by local family

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I recently read an article online about a South Florida family that has decided to place their everyday lives on hold and hit the road. The Martin family (husband, wife, and two children) will focus on teaching their children US history. What a wonderful way to learn and bond as a family. This got me thinking, at odd hours of the night as I usually do, about how this family could share their learning experience with other students. FaceTime duh!!! BrainiApps hopes to team-up with the Martin family and share their educational road trip with our students.

What can you do as a parent or teacher?

Follow us for updates of course. Another option is have your students research news and current local events they can follow via FaceTime. This is a wonderful organic way of tying technology into learning. BrainiApps students actually did a similar project in early 2011 called FaceTime interviews which we posted on YouTube, check it out here.

FREE iPad lesson plan for the classroom


The BrainiApps blog will be posting a free lesson plan (YUP FREE) every Wednesday for the next 3 months! We know teachers love free stuff and we love to share our ideas. The first free lesson is one we use in our BrainiApps iPad Learning Sessions. The kids find it very engaging and it has proven to be a great way to display their creative writing and artistic talents. The lesson is titled – Posters With a Purpose.

Supplies Needed:

Dry Erase Boards

Dry Erase Markers

Lined Paper


Post-It Notes

iPad App Used:

Phoster – $1.99

BrainiApps kid rating: 4.5/5.0

Lesson Plan Description:

Using the Post-It notes the teacher will write down the student’s poster topics, one on each Post-It. The topics can include; Saving the Rainforest, Why We Recycle, Stop Violence, Why Exercise is Important, Healthy Eating, Protecting Endangered Species, etc. The topics are completely up to the teacher and should be focused on your core curriculum. After you have chosen all your topics and written them down, fold them up and put them in a jar/container. Each group of students or individual student will then pick a topic from the container. Once they have selected their topic they now begin doing some simple research via the internet or using books collected that contain the accurate and needed information. Ask your school librarian to help you target books on your topics. Allow the students to research and jot down important information they might want to include on their poster. Remind the students that “sticking to the point” is the key and that small details aren’t necessary. Each poster should really only include 3-5 facts and/or shared information. Once the students have recorded their notes, they may now begin their mock poster designs. Using the dry erase boards the students will draw out their creative design ideas which must include; a title, 3-5 facts, and at least one image (image can be taken from Google Images). Pre-writing and creating mock designs is a great lesson for young learners. This will help them begin to realize the value in quality work and how investing your time increases your sense of accomplishment. Once the mock designs are completed the students will open the Phoster App and begin the final stages of their poster projects. The students will now record their notes by typing them on the digital poster along with selecting an appropriate layout and design. Once the posters are completed email them to your district email address where you can print them out and display them in the classroom. The display can be titled – Posters With a Purpose

*Special Note: If any of your student’s posters are worthy of being displayed here on this blog, feel free to post those as well 🙂

Useful Children’s Math Apps – Elementary Ages (5-10)

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There are tons of math apps on the market but several aren’t worth the investment or space they consume on your precious device. As a parent and/or teacher you want your children to be challenged and engaged while using an educational app. Whether they’re learning new concepts or brushing up on those that have already been learned, here is a brief but quality list of math apps for elementary aged children. Order is irrelevant as they all are great apps!

1. Rocket Math – Build a rocket and fly it in this engaging app that allows children to answer math questions then use earned money to buy rocket upgrades. Creativity is something that every app should include and Rocket Math does a great job with this! The app allows young users to build and design their own rockets then launch them into a sky full of challenging mathematical queries. Concepts covered include; adding, subtracting, multiplication, division, counting, even and odd number recognition, shapes, time, and US money.

Price: $0.99
BrainiApps Kid Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

2. Mathaliens HD – This is a great game for the classroom or at home. Drill and practice is the core concentrated learning concept here. This app challenges the user(s) to correctly answer math problems and locate the answer on a bingo style card. The ability to change difficulty levels and user avatars are a plus. The kids find this app very engaging and competitive as it offers a leader board where children can type their names and compete against other top-ranked scorers. A cute design and simple UI.

Price: $0.99
BrainiApps Kid Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

3. Park Math! – This app is really designed for younger learners (Pre K – 2 Grade). The visuals and sounds used are truly spot on for young learners. This is an app your children and/or students will want to use over and over again. There are several game play modes and options to choose from which makes the app worth every bit of it’s purchase price. Concepts include; adding, subtraction, shapes, counting, and more. This app actually teaches strategies without the child even realizing he/she is using these skills. It is a very organic learning experience for young learners and a great tool to challenge or strengthen mathematical skills.

Price: $0.99
BrainiApps Kid Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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