There are tons of math apps on the market but several aren’t worth the investment or space they consume on your precious device. As a parent and/or teacher you want your children to be challenged and engaged while using an educational app. Whether they’re learning new concepts or brushing up on those that have already been learned, here is a brief but quality list of math apps for elementary aged children. Order is irrelevant as they all are great apps!

1. Rocket Math – Build a rocket and fly it in this engaging app that allows children to answer math questions then use earned money to buy rocket upgrades. Creativity is something that every app should include and Rocket Math does a great job with this! The app allows young users to build and design their own rockets then launch them into a sky full of challenging mathematical queries. Concepts covered include; adding, subtracting, multiplication, division, counting, even and odd number recognition, shapes, time, and US money.

Price: $0.99
BrainiApps Kid Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

2. Mathaliens HD – This is a great game for the classroom or at home. Drill and practice is the core concentrated learning concept here. This app challenges the user(s) to correctly answer math problems and locate the answer on a bingo style card. The ability to change difficulty levels and user avatars are a plus. The kids find this app very engaging and competitive as it offers a leader board where children can type their names and compete against other top-ranked scorers. A cute design and simple UI.

Price: $0.99
BrainiApps Kid Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

3. Park Math! – This app is really designed for younger learners (Pre K – 2 Grade). The visuals and sounds used are truly spot on for young learners. This is an app your children and/or students will want to use over and over again. There are several game play modes and options to choose from which makes the app worth every bit of it’s purchase price. Concepts include; adding, subtraction, shapes, counting, and more. This app actually teaches strategies without the child even realizing he/she is using these skills. It is a very organic learning experience for young learners and a great tool to challenge or strengthen mathematical skills.

Price: $0.99
BrainiApps Kid Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0