The BrainiApps blog will be posting a free lesson plan (YUP FREE) every Wednesday for the next 3 months! We know teachers love free stuff and we love to share our ideas. The first free lesson is one we use in our BrainiApps iPad Learning Sessions. The kids find it very engaging and it has proven to be a great way to display their creative writing and artistic talents. The lesson is titled – Posters With a Purpose.

Supplies Needed:

Dry Erase Boards

Dry Erase Markers

Lined Paper


Post-It Notes

iPad App Used:

Phoster – $1.99

BrainiApps kid rating: 4.5/5.0

Lesson Plan Description:

Using the Post-It notes the teacher will write down the student’s poster topics, one on each Post-It. The topics can include; Saving the Rainforest, Why We Recycle, Stop Violence, Why Exercise is Important, Healthy Eating, Protecting Endangered Species, etc. The topics are completely up to the teacher and should be focused on your core curriculum. After you have chosen all your topics and written them down, fold them up and put them in a jar/container. Each group of students or individual student will then pick a topic from the container. Once they have selected their topic they now begin doing some simple research via the internet or using books collected that contain the accurate and needed information. Ask your school librarian to help you target books on your topics. Allow the students to research and jot down important information they might want to include on their poster. Remind the students that “sticking to the point” is the key and that small details aren’t necessary. Each poster should really only include 3-5 facts and/or shared information. Once the students have recorded their notes, they may now begin their mock poster designs. Using the dry erase boards the students will draw out their creative design ideas which must include; a title, 3-5 facts, and at least one image (image can be taken from Google Images). Pre-writing and creating mock designs is a great lesson for young learners. This will help them begin to realize the value in quality work and how investing your time increases your sense of accomplishment. Once the mock designs are completed the students will open the Phoster App and begin the final stages of their poster projects. The students will now record their notes by typing them on the digital poster along with selecting an appropriate layout and design. Once the posters are completed email them to your district email address where you can print them out and display them in the classroom. The display can be titled – Posters With a Purpose

*Special Note: If any of your student’s posters are worthy of being displayed here on this blog, feel free to post those as well 🙂