I recently read an article online about a South Florida family that has decided to place their everyday lives on hold and hit the road. The Martin family (husband, wife, and two children) will focus on teaching their children US history. What a wonderful way to learn and bond as a family. This got me thinking, at odd hours of the night as I usually do, about how this family could share their learning experience with other students. FaceTime duh!!! BrainiApps hopes to team-up with the Martin family and share their educational road trip with our students.

What can you do as a parent or teacher?

Follow us for updates of course. Another option is have your students research news and current local events they can follow via FaceTime. This is a wonderful organic way of tying technology into learning. BrainiApps students actually did a similar project in early 2011 called FaceTime interviews which we posted on YouTube, check it out here.