Here is an extension to my previous post on useful educational apps for the iPad

Students and teachers always want to know what BrainiApps is using and where they can get the cool apps we research and base our iPad lessons from. Well here is a continued list 🙂

1. LEGO Movie – Create still frame animations and have your students retell a story by using small figurines/stuff animals.

2. Shake-a-Phrase – This is a great way to practice writing prompts and also get more familiar with verbs, adjectives, and nouns. (This app would be great at a center!)

3. RjDj – I use this app to record and share the students poetry or create classroom “piggy-back” songs

4. Comix HD – This is a wonderful app that allows the students to create comic strips. It’s great for all levels with the features it includes.

5. Bobo & Light – An amazing interactive app that explores how light works and offers a unique user interaction. This app uses the iPad features to the max and is REALLY engaging!

6. Weird But True – The students love reading through all these wild facts and I have used it to create classroom quiz games.

7. Xperica – A wonderful Science app that includes a variety of experiments. (This is designed for more advanced students)

Keep checking back for more suggestions and lesson plan ideas!!! Be on the look-out for BrainiApps iPad Lesson Plan Packages on the website as well.